As a multimedia artist I work as both a painter and sculptor, and though I have my own preferences in working with certain medias for certain subject matter, I use a variety of approaches and techniques depending on the use of an image and its context. In the way of painting and illustration I work most often with Natural History Illustration and Paleoart –science informed art genres in which I strive to achieve a high level of realism. For these and other genres, I paint in a combination of acrylic and oil but I also paint digitally using a graphics tablet. For other drawings and illustrations I use charcoal and mixed medias of watercolor underpaintings overlapped with pencil and pastel.  Presently I work as a sculptor for Fa Yun Monastery in restoring an old Buddhist sculpture from China –a Bodhisattva carved of camphor wood. And though I have skills in woodworking and other craft like metalworking and jewelry, by far I express my sculpting abilities most strongly in multiple ceramic disciplines, which –beyond painting- is my primary focus in the realm of art-making.